Vision and mission

The vision of the Serbian Society of Medical Mycology is that its members lead continuous professional development and successfully apply modern knowledge and skills in order to preserve and improve people’s health, maintaining a leadership position in the field of medical mycology here and in the region.

The mission of the Serbian Society of Medical Mycology is to combine experience and knowledge in order to professionally provide quality analyzes to patients in the field of medical mycology, relying on the expertise of top staff.

In recent decades, there has been a dramatic increase in fungal infections, especially invasive forms, but they are rarely treated as possible causes of serious and fatal diseases.

Therefore, the key goal of the Serbian Society of Medical Mycology (SSMM) is to contribute to raising awareness of the importance of fungal infections with its activities.

SSMM is a non-profit organization, founded on June 13, 2008 in Belgrade, with the main goal of improving the existing knowledge in the field of medical mycology and contributing to the improvement of the diagnosis and treatment of fungal diseases in humans in our country.

A significant contribution to the introduction and implementation of standards in the diagnosis and therapy of human fungal diseases at the national level was made by the nomination of the National Reference Laboratory for the causative agents of mycosis (decision of the Ministry of Health No. 022-04-28/2008-07, April 22, 2008).

SSMM cooperates with other national associations in Europe and the world in order to exchange ideas and information about medical mycology, and to implement joint projects. He is a member of the European Confederation of Medical Mycology, FEMS, ISHAM and ECCMID.

SSMM now has 40 active members, students and doctors of medicine, the largest number being specialists in microbiology, dermatovenerology and internal medicine.

The number of SSMM members is constantly increasing, and there is interest from colleagues from our environment to join us. That is why we invite you to become a member of SSMM. Contact us at