Atlas of Clinical Fungi

Datum objave: 10/05/23
The Atlas of Clinical Fungi book version is now available! With 1600 densely filled pages in full colour on more than 700 fungi, the book provides a wealth of information on medical mycology, covering diagnostics, taxonomy, phylogeny, nomenclature, antifungals, and histopathology, validated by almost 8000 references. The two volumes are organized in analogy of the Fungal Kingdom, and because it includes numerous opportunists it is also useful for workers outside the medical area. The layout is pleasant to read, and the photo plates are stunning. The website is a comfortable search tool for easy finding of over 6000 names, and any keyword or combinations of keywords. Type strains of every species are provided, and affiliation of cryptic species to their species complex. Purchase of the book version grants two years free web-access. The Atlas is a non-profit project.